Am I Living a Life of Empowerment and Freedom?

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Why Road Map to Power?

The small pebble that would cause larger ripples in the stream

Charting my father’s path from young boy in a refugee camp to the formation of his world renowned humanitarian organization five decades later, Road Map to Power is a lifetime in the making.

The impetus for the book, the small pebble that would cause larger ripples in the stream, however, lasted less than an hour.

It was during a short car ride with a relative stranger that my father experienced a revelation; one that would have transformative effects on his life’s purpose.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Road Map to Power that describes the aftermath of that fateful trip. Through its example, you may also find the inspiration to ask the question: “Am I living a life of empowerment and freedom?”

          In the days that followed [the fateful car ride], I began to deconstruct my own choices and why I had come to the United States in the first place. Born in Delhi, India during a time of great religious and political upheaval, my family was forced to migrate to Karachi, Pakistan when I was a young boy.

          In contrast to this desperate scene, the theme of my childhood could only be described by the word “happiness.” I was surrounded by a large and loving family, my mother instilled in me a positive self-worth, and my father promoted my every academic and athletic endeavor.

           As I transitioned from adolescence to adulthood, however, I became disenfranchised with the options that lay before me in the country of my youth. In order to access the right university, one must have a connection with the right administrator. To rise in the ranks of your profession, one must be a member of the proper political party. If you desired to start a business or secure property, a bribe to a local official might be required.

         Such compromises and constraints led me to search for a society that valued a man based on his merit and effort.

         This voyage included stints in England and Canada before I eventually put down roots in the United States.

         I received training and certification in child psychiatry, obtained a professorship at the University of Missouri, published books and numerous articles in prestigious journals, and even married the first-born daughter of a Hall of Fame football coach who won Notre Dame a national title. I lived in a large home with a pool in the backyard, wore custom-made clothes, and vacationed in the locations of my choosing.

         By most people’s standards, this man who was once a refugee, who had dark skin, spoke with an accent, and settled in central Missouri in the late 1960s had done pretty well for himself.

        Somewhere on this road, however, I had diverged from my original intent.

          Compelled by the desire to live a life devoid of ethical compromise, I had somehow become the gatherer of possessions, titles, and things.   

          My brief encounter with Bob taught me that I was one misstep from losing everything that I accumulated and more pressingly, that I had parted ways with control over the direction of my life.

         In essence, I had willingly given away a considerable portion of my power and freedom.

         From that moment on, I vowed to reclaim this lost power and freedom.

        Road Map to Power is a recounting of this journey.

Join us on your own journey to Road Map to Power. My Dad and I would be honored for your order of our book to be published on October 1, 2015, and available to preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Thank you!

Darius Husain