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Table of Contents

Road Map to PowerRule of the Road: You are most likely average, mathematically speaking

Synopsis: A chance encounter with Bob Anderson, a man of average means, forces the author to examine his personal choices and becomes the catalyst for the Road Map to Power.

Rule of the Road: We have become more Walmart than wildebeest

Synopsis: The rules of power have changed dramatically from when our early ancestors attempted to navigate a menacing world. Now biological endowment, inheritance, and luck are the king makers, leaving 99% of the population with a severe power outage.

Rule of the Road: When you get to the part about “created equal,” keep reading

Synopsis: Unrealistic expectations and the illusion of equality are unintended consequences when myth becomes blended with reality to form the fabric of a nation.

Rule of the Road: Governments cannot legislate genetics

Synopsis: The quest for a just and equitable society is paramount for leveling the playing field of opportunity, but no rule of law can close the biological endowment gap.

Rule of the Road: Looking for security? It’s in the attachment

Synopsis: A disruption in a secure attachment in infancy and early childhood often precedes a mistrusting, self-doubting, and narcissistic adult who begins to rely on material possessions and constant approval from others.

Rule of the Road: Chances are you’re happy (despite the best efforts of the media)

Synopsis: The media has become a powerful tool that allows the elite to capitalize on the consumer’s feelings of inadequacy and need to socially compare.

Rule of the Road: Forge your armor out of resiliency

Synopsis: The 99% can begin to build the necessary armor to protect themselves from the effects of media programming and advertising by taking a cue from the children of Bosnia.

Rule of the Road: If you don’t like the ending, rewrite the story

Synopsis: A critical step in regaining power requires the 99% to wrest control of their life stories from those who are attempting to define the narrative for their own personal gain.

Rule of the Road: Cultivate your garden

Synopsis: With these shared values of compassion, integrity, responsibility, and service as a foundation, the 99% can empower themselves through the creation and cultivation of “gardens” showcasing their innate talents while leaving behind a lasting legacy and bettering those who cross their paths.

Rule of the Road: Be more than humane; be a humanitarian

Synopsis: An old friend comes to visit the author to remind him of his humanity. The road map to power is unveiled, drawing on lessons learned throughout the book

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